A plate with pork loin roast with figs and apricots.

Pork Roast With Figs & Apricots

A slow roasted pork loin roast with figs and apricots that is luscious and tender. The sauce is decadent with citrus, honey and perfect over mashed potatoes.The first time I made this pot roast was in Christmas 2005. It was an attempt to impress my future husband Daryl of my culinary skills. I had seen my godmother create a glorious roast every Christmas over the years which I  tried to mimic. The only thing I did differently was... everything.For example, I wanted the fruit in the sauce, she had them cooked separately. I was worried the citrus, honey, figs, apricots and dates would be too much and too sweet. Well they create a sweet sauce but it is truly glorious, you don't ...

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